Covid-19 information

Official Guidance

BAA strongly believes that maintaining access to good hearing for our patients/customers at this difficult time, particularly for those in self-isolation, self-distancing or key workers, is important. Guidance will depend on local regulations from employers and local guidance regarding PPE must be adhered to.

Webinar follow up documents

Following the Heads of Service Webinar Q&A and discussion, a library of support documents have been created by BAA Board to cover the areas discussed.

CPD Resources

With face-to-face meetings and events cancelled and some team members working from home, there may be a need to access additional CPD resources. BAA has compiled a list of resources that could be useful to you during the Covid-19 outbreak.

NHSP, Tinnitus and HoS webinar

Teams of people have been working on NHSP guidance and Tinnitus service work. Outputs are below. The Heads of Service Covid-19 webinar can also be viewed on the right.

Newborn Hearing Screening Programme

BAA and BSA have formed a small professional working group to write guidance with Public Health England (PHE). The team at PHE have agreed on a guidance document related to procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the rapidly evolving nature of the situation, this version is currently the most up-to-date advice and therefore supersedes any previously issued guidance which may be circulating. BAA and BSA are aware that there will be hospital/department variation on how our guidance is implemented. It is up to each individual Trust to decide how the guidance is administered and BAA and BSA are unable to influence this.

Newborn Hearing Screening Technical Guidance during Covid19

The Clinical Group has decided to meet every two weeks for the duration of the pandemic. They believe it is important to document their meetings and share the discussion points with their colleagues. Meeting notes listed below:

PHE clinical group discussion 3-4-20 v1.1

PHE has released a letter for audiology departments to use for screen referrals during Covid-19 if they are unable to offer an assessment appointment within 4 weeks due to service/clinic closures.

Covid-19 Audiology Letter v1.0

Tinnitus services and Covid-19

Tinnitus has not been identified by the BAA as either an essential nor urgent activity (BAA Covid-19), however under ‘Alternative ways of working,’ the same document states; “Many face-to-face appointments can be replaced with telephone/skype consultations – e.g. tinnitus,” Therefore a tinnitus service is still possible, and providing a remote service and signposting the online resources available will help alleviate anxiety related to tinnitus for many, particularly at this difficult time.

Read the co-authored paper from the British Academy of Audiology and the British Tinnitus Association here:

Tinnitus Services and COVID V5 Final


Fabric Cleaning

Cleaning and disinfecting the fabric of Booths and acoustic environments has been raised as an issue with very variable advice from local Infection Control departments. This document from QuietStar gives a clear understanding of the best practice for looking after the acoustic fabrics in your workplace Cleaning & Disinfection Guide – QuietStar Limited – June 2020

Air Conditioning

Advice on air conditioning has also been very localised and at times conflicting. Clear advice from the Health and Safety Executive is here: Link