The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall strategic and operational work of the BAA. Board Directors are both responsible for specific work areas and act as a liaison between a committee or workgroup. The current Board has 13 Directors supported by our Digital Content & Communications Executive and Fitwise management team. The Board meets quarterly and holds an annual strategy day to review the forward plan. Board minutes are published on the BAA website.

Executive Team

During the last eighteen months, we have developed a more active executive team to focus and maintain momentum between Board meetings. The President meets regularly with the Vice President, Past President and Comms Executive. Each member of the executive team holds lead responsibilities for key objective areas and in supporting other Board
Directors. These areas of responsibility are –

• President – Chairs the Board, is President and supports the Board Directors for EAR, Membership and Early Professionals
• Vice President – Leads on insert info
• Past President – Leads and supports on Regional Groups, Conference, ??

2019/2020 Board Members
President's Blog 18th May 2020

As I write this, we are now in our 8th week of lockdown and a strange new time of many ways of working and living. Many of us who embraced the start of 2020 with hopes, plans and dreams will be readjusting these and wondering when we can reliably look to the future again. However right here and now most of us are taking each day as it comes (grateful for that) and only looking a short way ahead as to how we can operate in a safe and effective way that can meet the needs of our audiology patients in an ever-evolving landscape. As we turn on the news we hear about woeful statistics, advice and recovery plans still all shadowed by these could change should there be a 2nd spike of Covid-19. It is confused as each home nation is taking their own lead on managing lockdown now which leads each Trust, Organisation and individual to interpret and mobilise in different ways. I guess one thing we can say is that we are all doing our best.

I don’t know about anyone else, but time seems to be operating in a different continuum- no sooner do I sit at my home desk on a Monday morning and then in the bat of an eyelid it is Friday afternoon! Where did the time go? In that time, I will have worked nonstop on Teams, Go To and Zoom talking, planning, researching, training, presenting across extremely broad spectrums from toilet access, PPE to recovery plans and I am sure this resonates with many of you too. Then, of course, there are many of you juggling this and clinic demands so hats off to you. Let’s not mention homeschooling!

Our biweekly Heads of Services Go To Meetings have proved popular and an important consistent contact for all us where we can learn from each other, share ideas and ask questions of each other. I am very proud of how these have developed and how you have all engaged and I would like to say a very big thank you. At Board level, we keep looking for the best ways to keep evolving BAA to be a “Go To” inclusive organisation, which is proactive, supportive, guiding and keeps you connected. We have certainly been busy trying to do just that. Over the last few weeks we have;

·         Driven guidance on the management of babies’ hearing screening and diagnostics with the significant help of Jason Smalley, Ed Brown and the rest of Newborn Hearing Screening Team supported by Board member Dr Michelle Foster – A massive thanks to all involved.

·         Worked collaboratively with other professional bodies to update and produce the Audiology & Otology Guidance including linking in with ENT UK and the Infection Prevention Society. This guidance will be reviewed at the end of May.

·         SQC has worked with ManCad on producing a magnificent guide and resource on remote working practices which is a live document to be updated as we learn more and share experiences. Don’t forget we are hosting a webinar on Fri 22nd May 3pm – visit our website for more details.

·         Added resources to our HOS section

·         Talking of websites – we hope you are enjoying our new platform and its functionality – we are still continuing to build on content and design, so keep visiting. We would welcome any contributions, experiences, protocols and pathway designs to add to our knowledge hub which can be shared with other members.

As many have said we never would have wished to be in this situation but now that we are, it presents an opportunity. An opportunity to think innovatively, to redesign systems, processes and pathways and to look at how meetings and training can be delivered more efficiently. BAA are keen to ensure that we understand, support and call for the right help as you all deal with the realisation of what part switch on to full switch on entails. The Heads of Services meeting provides a great platform for us to explore this but if there is more we can do then we are keen to understand how. We are also passionate to get the right communication platforms and Victoria is exploring our options for this.

I look forward to seeing many of you virtually at the next Heads of Service meeting.

I’ll finish by saying I hope you, your families and teams continue to stay safe and healthy and my thoughts are with all those directly impacted by Covid-19. I’d like to also give a heartfelt thanks and express my admiration to all those audiology colleagues who continue to be redeployed into other areas supporting our health care sector at this time.

Remember you can email me directly via

Board Annual Awards

British Academy of Audiology Annual Awards

Every year at the BAA annual conference, we take the time to acknowledge those individuals and teams who have excelled or shown exceptional commitment to the Audiology profession over the past year.

Previous award winners can be found here.

The BAA award for the Audiologist of the Year, in memory of Peggy Chalmers, recognises an Audiologist who stands out from the crowd with regards to patient care. We look for an individual who has gone above and beyond to put the patient first, or improve their experience in even a small way, making a significant difference to them. This award is focused on patient care and we particularly welcome testimonials and case studies from patients, or colleagues, highlighting the reasons their Audiologist should be nominated.

Peggy Chalmers contributed immeasurably to audiology in many ways, improving professional standards and training and supporting hundreds of students from the UK and overseas. Her hard work and enthusiasm inspired many professionals in Audiology and with this award, we hope each winner will continue to inspire with their excellent work.

The BAA Team of the Year Award was created in 2004 to celebrate the coming together of the different professions within Audiology. The prize is awarded to a team which has worked together to improve the quality of service in their area. Teams which work within an audiology department, in education, in research, or in an organisational capacity are all eligible. Past winners have shown particularly innovative and original ideas or worked on a specific project directly connected to audiology. Anyone can make a nomination, the winning team is chosen by the BAA board and will have the opportunity to share their accomplishments via the BAA magazine.

Lisa Bayliss was a 20-year old student Audiologist working at the Royal Liverpool Hospital. Sadly, in 1992, Lisa’s life was tragically taken on her way home from work. Lisa is greatly missed by all who met her but especially her family, colleagues and her patients. Lisa was kind, caring and worked well with everyone she met. She was described as a great people person. When it was suggested that an award be named in her honour, it came as no surprise that the award would be given to someone who showed the qualities Lisa possessed in abundance.

The Lisa Bayliss award was traditionally given to the student who performed best at the BAAT part 2 practical exam. With the introduction of the BSc, the award is now given to the student who performs the best during their BSc (PTP) placement.

The BAA award for the Placement Supervisor of the Year recognises an Audiologist who stands out from the crowd with regards to supervising and supporting a student while on placement. We look for an individual who has gone above and beyond to provide a supportive learning environment on placement for students, providing leadership and guidance as well as inspiration. The award is focused on the mentoring of students and we particularly welcome testimonials and case studies from student, colleagues and university placement teams highlighting the reason a particular audiologist should be nominated.

The award is given in honour of Paul Doody, an extraordinary Audiologist who was totally committed to training; he made a huge difference in the lives of numerous Audiologists. Shortly before the 2016 annual conference and after organising the Associate lecture track for the conference, Paul sadly passed away. Although he would not consider this an honour or indeed necessary, his family, friends and colleagues strongly disagree with him. They and the BAA Board feel he had the qualities all nominees for this award should aspire to.

This award, sponsored by Phonak, is for Audiologists working in the field of paediatrics who, it is felt, have influenced the audiological world. We welcome nominations from colleagues, patients and families highlighting why this person stands out from the crowd. We just ask that the nominated Audiologist has worked in their current position for at least six months.

The Student of the Year, sponsored by Oticon, is presented to the student who has achieved academic success in their course, particularly in their final dissertation. This award is open to students on all audiology courses leading to qualification or registration. All High Education Institutes will be invited to nominate students who they feel have achieved a high standard of work in their course. These students will be invited to submit an abstract on their dissertation to be judged by a panel.

The Jos Millar Shield is a long-standing award given each year for the best contribution to a BAA publication. The recipient is chosen from all articles printed in the previous year’s magazine and newsletter and is chosen by the publicity and communications team.

Jos Millar started his career in audiology at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast. He had an interest in sound and radio and when an opportunity within audiology came along, he moved to this field and went to Manchester to complete his training. He was always fond of paediatric audiology so returned to the Royal Belfast Hospital for sick children. Later in his career he embarked on a new challenge to set up a paediatric service in his home town of Ballymena.

With his dedication to Audiology, it was only fitting for an award to be named in his honour.