Celebrating excellence

Every year at the BAA annual conference, we take the time to acknowledge those individuals and teams who have excelled or shown exceptional commitment to the Audiology profession over the past year.

The 2020 awards will open for nominations in the summer. See the categories below and nominate a colleague or department.

Have a look at who the winners were over the last couple of years.

Award Categories

There are seven awards, with six open for nominations. To be eligible, the people you are nominating must be members of the BAA. Click the categories below for more information about the BAA awards including eligibility.

Audiologist of the Year

The BAA award for the Audiologist of the Year, in memory of Peggy Chalmers, recognises an Audiologist who stands out from the crowd with regards to patient care. We look for an individual who has gone above and beyond to put the patient first, or improve their experience in even a small way, making a significant difference to them. This award is focused on patient care and we particularly welcome testimonials and case studies from patients, or colleagues, highlighting the reasons their Audiologist should be nominated.

Peggy Chalmers contributed immeasurably to audiology in many ways, improving professional standards and training and supporting hundreds of students from the UK and overseas. Her hard work and enthusiasm has inspired many professionals in Audiology and with this award we hope each winner will continue to inspire with their excellent work.

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Team of the Year

The BAA Team of the Year Award was created in 2004 to celebrate the coming together of the different professions within Audiology. The prize is awarded to a team which has worked together to improve the quality of service in their area. Teams which work within an audiology department, in education, in research, or in an organisational capacity are all eligible. Past winners have shown particularly innovative and original ideas, or worked on a specific project directly connected to audiology. Anyone can make a nomination, the winning team is chosen by the BAA board and will have the opportunity to share their accomplishments via the BAA magazine.

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Lisa Bayliss Award

Lisa Bayliss was a 20-year old student Audiologist working at the Royal Liverpool Hospital. Sadly, in 1992, Lisa’s life was tragically taken on her way home from work. Lisa is greatly missed by all who met her but especially her family, colleagues and her patients. Lisa was kind, caring and worked well with everyone she met. She was described as a great people person. When it was suggested that an award be named in her honour, it came as no surprise that the award would be given to someone who showed the qualities Lisa possessed in abundance.

The Lisa Bayliss award was traditionally given to the student who performed best at the BAAT part 2 practical exam. With the changes in Audiology education the award is now given to the student who performs best during their clinical placement, from any programme

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Supervisor of the Year Award

The BAA award for the Placement Supervisor of the Year is an award that recognises an Audiologist who stands out from the crowd with regards to supervising and supporting a student while on placement. We look for an individual who has gone above and beyond to provide a supportive learning environment on placement for students, providing leadership and guidance as well as inspiration. The award is focused on the mentoring of students and we particularly welcome testimonials and case studies from student, colleagues and university placement teams highlighting the reason a particular audiologist should be nominated.

The award is given in honour of Paul Doody, an extraordinary Audiologist who was totally committed to training; he made a huge difference in the lives of numerous Audiologists. Shortly before the 2016 annual conference and after organising the Associate lecture track for the conference, Paul sadly passed away. Although he would not consider this an honour or indeed necessary, his family, friends and colleagues strongly disagree with him. They and the BAA Board feel he had all the qualities all nominees for this award should aspire to.

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Paediatric Audiologist of the Year Award

This award, sponsored by Phonak, is for Audiologists working in the field of paediatrics who, it is felt, have influenced the audiological world. We welcome nominations from colleagues, patients and families highlighting why this person stands out from the crowd. We just ask that the nominated Audiologist has worked in their current position for at least six months.

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Student of the Year Award

The Student of the Year, sponsored by Oticon, is presented to the student who has achieved academic success in their course, particularly in their final dissertation. This award is open to students on all audiology courses leading to qualification or registration. All Higher Education Institutes will be invited to nominate students who they feel have achieved a high standard of work in their course. These students will be invited to submit an abstract on their dissertation to be judged by a panel.

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Jos Millar Shield Award

The Jos Millar Shield is a long standing award given each year for the best contribution to a BAA publication. The recipient is chosen from all articles printed in the previous year’s magazine and newsletter and is chosen by the publicity and communications team.

Jos Millar started his career in audiology at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast. He had an interest in sound and radio and when an opportunity within audiology came along, he moved to this field and went to Manchester to complete his training. He was always fond of paediatric audiology so returned to the Royal Belfast Hospital for sick children. Later in his career he embarked on a new challenge to set up a paediatric service in his home town of Ballymena.

Within his long standing dedication to Audiology, it was only fitting for an award to be named in his honour.

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Last year's winners

Team of the Year

The winning team in 2019 was Manchester Centre for Audiology and Deafness (ManCAD)

With 17 teams from across the UK nominated in the Team of the Year category, the decision was always going to be a tough one. However, more than 20 nominations for one particular team and the fact that team were celebrating their 100th year ensured that the Manchester Centre for Audiology and Deafness (ManCAD) stood head and shoulders above their fellow nominees this year. Former students and professors along with current staff and the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Biology, Medicines & Health and Head of the School of Health Sciences, under which ManCAD sits all sung the praises of the BAA 2019 Team of the Year.

One nominator commented, “ManCAD is unique and special. We are unique in the UK because of our range of activities: education and training; hearing research; service development and provision of services. We are special because we are world leaders in each of our activities. Imagine what UK audiology would be like without 100 years of ManCAD!”

Another nominator said, “This year ManCAD is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and I feel it currently is the strongest research team the centre has ever had. The research carried out is translational, and underpins clinical delivery, for example the work on dead regions and the current ‘Ladies in the Van’ project. Led by Prof Kevin Munro, who is the only full-time Professor of Audiology in the UK, and the only Audiologist who is an NIHR Senior Investigator, the team not only carry out research but provide excellent education and training, including one of the Department of Health preferred providers of the STP programme and only providers of the HSST. The centre has been involved in service delivery, two major projects were newborn hearing screening and the modernisation of children’s hearing aid services. Staff have also made significant contributions to BAA over the years. I feel it would be very fitting to recognise the contribution of this team during the 100th year anniversary.”

Audiologist of the Year

Congratulations to Sam Blakemore, our 2019 Audiologist of the Year.

Sam, an NHS Audiologist in Brighton, was nominated by the mother of a patient who has been in her care for 14 years, from his first fitting at the age of 4 to his final paediatric hearing test at his transition to adult services appointment. The patient’s mum said, “With pleasure, she informed us that his hearing remains stable despite his loud practising! (Always great news to hear as a mother). Nonetheless, she expertly advised my son (who is soon to commence a degree in drumming) to get some ear protection for professional musicians.”

The mum continues, “Each and every time Sam has treated my son with the utmost respect, kindness and patience, which I believe, combined with her high sense of professionalism and obvious technical skill (leaving us mesmerized each time we go for an appointment as she tweaks buttons & adjusts settings!) make her an outstanding paediatric audiologist and I feel she thoroughly deserves the accolade of this award for her obvious commitment and dedication to assisting the lives of those who are hearing impaired.”

Paediatric Audiologist of the Year

2019 Paediatric Audiologist of the Year (sponsored by Phonak) was awarded to Anisha Visram.

Anisha Visram, one of the famous ‘Ladies in the Van’, beat 12 other nominees to the Paediatric Audiologist of the Year prize. One of her nominators said, “Anisa is a dedicated researcher and remarkable young paediatric audiologist who has played a critical role in the success of the University of Manchester mobile hearing van study in which many infants with hearing loss are having their cortical auditory evoked potentials measured. She has driven the van around the UK testing infants, challenging work that has required considerable time away from home. She has also spent a lot of time taking the hearing van to conferences, educating the public and engaging with patients. Her dedication to this work has resulted in a remarkable data set that will enable better outcomes for children with hearing loss using amplification through advanced objective analysis of aided cortical responses.”



Supervisor of the Year

Jessica Malloy accepted the prize for Supervisor of the Year 2019.

Along with a nomination of Jessica from her student was a nomination from her line manager. They said, “Jess has taken to the role of student-supervisor brilliantly. She has not only trained her student clinically but has coached him through difficult decisions regarding his career and training. She has been able to have those challenging conversations, whilst maintaining his confidence resulting in him passing his placement year. I feel she has gone above and beyond as a supervisor this past year and deserved to be recognised.”

The Lisa Bayliss Award

2019 Lisa Bayliss winner is Awajimijana Otana

This year’s winner arrived at the University of Manchester in September 2017, having undertaken his BSc in Information Technology in Nigeria. Not only did he have to adapt to a new country and culture but had to navigate a new education system and different approaches to teaching and learning.

Awajimijana Otana’s nominator said, “On arriving, his academic writing ability was limited; having never heard of critical thinking or reflective practice, Awajimijana had a steep learning curve ahead of him. However, what makes Awajimijana an exceptional student, is the passion he applied to his intellectual pursuits and his genuine love of learning. Awajimijana took every opportunity to learn, he became the class rep, contributed to class discussion but also spent hours visiting academic staff to talk and learn more about audiology. His intellectual vitality was infectious, which impacted not only on his own learning experience but that of other staff and students.” The nomination ends with the comment, “Awajimijana has been an outstanding and inspirational student who deserves recognition for his achievements. Not only has he excelled in his academic pursuits but also in his clinical practice.  He has taken every opportunity offered to him, during this journey both in and beyond the classroom. He has demonstrated the importance of striking the balance between the science of audiology and the human experience of hearing loss, proving himself a dedicated and caring clinician.”

Student of the Year

Student of the Year (sponsored by Oticon) presented to Mehwish Khokhar

Mehwish Khokhar excelled academically and on placement and gained employment with her placement provider prior to graduation.  At graduation, Mehwish received the award for the highest dissertation mark and the Rufus Grayson award from Guymark for the overall highest marks in the programme. Her supervisor said “Mehwish Khokhar began as a student at De Montfort University in October 2016.  Within her first term, she had initiated The Audiology Society and created a social and peer support network. Her purpose was to pull the group together to support each other emotionally and to provide opportunities for group study and revision for exams.  As well, the group did fundraising for the British Tinnitus Association.  Mehwish also attended the Special Olympics in Belgium this year, along with some of her peers and lecturers, in order to help with the Health Athletes Hearing Screening programme.”

The Jos Miller Shield

Jos Millar Shield presented to Caroline Rae

Caroline Rae was chosen as this year’s winner due to her two articles that featured in the BAA magazine in the last year. In our Autumn issue, Caroline wrote about Audiology Directed MRI to Exclude Vestibular Schwannoma and the Winter issue featured her article: A Quality Improvement Project: Redesigning the Patient Pathway for Vestibular Services – An Audiology Led Direct Access Clinic for Labyrinthitis and Vestibular Neuritis. The Pubs & Comms team felt both articles contributed significantly to the magazine and our audiology education.

2018 Winners

Team of the Year

The winning team in 2018 were the Children & Young People’s Audiology Centre at St Thomas’ Hospital.

Audiologist of the Year

Audiologist of the Year for 2018 was Cara Brown.

Paediatric Audiologist of the Year

Paul Oddie was the Paediatric Audiologist of the Year, an award sponsored by Phonak.

Supervisor of the Year

The Supervisor of the Year award is given in honour of Paul Doody and the 2018 recipient was Kathryn Lewis.

The Lisa Bayliss Award

Kirsten Ellis was the 2018 winner of the Lisa Bayliss Award as the student who performed the best during their BSc (PTP) placement.

The Jos Millar Shield

The 2018 Jos Millar Shield was presented to Professor John Culling

Student of the Year Award

The Oticon Student of the Year for 2018 was Elisha Jawaid.

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